Picaridin can be used on the whole family

Protect the whole family!

PICARIDIN is an insect repellent active ingredient that offers up to 14 hours of protection and can be used by the whole family!


Ticks and mosquitos are everywhere.

PICARIDIN-based insect repellents offer worry-free protection that’s effective for the whole family.


Where Can I Buy It?

You can find products containing the active ingredient PICARIDIN (SALTIDIN®) anywhere insect repellents are sold in stores and online. Buy now from the partial list of repellent manufacturers below.

PICARIDIN: Insect Repellent Active Ingredient

Insect repellents need to be effective yet gentle, so everyone is protected. These days, protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs is more important than ever. No matter how sensitive your skin, PICARIDIN (SALTIDIN® /ICARIDIN) is the product of choice.

Extensive laboratory and field tests confirm the broad effectiveness of PICARIDIN. And it is known to be user-friendly, without some of the harsh effects associated with other insect repellent active ingredients.

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Why Choose an Insect Repellent with PICARIDIN?

Picaridin used when hiking, in the woods

Highly Effective
Products containing 20% PICARIDIN offer up to 14 hours of protection against mosquito and tick bites and the illnesses they can may carry, and PICARIDIN is safe to use on the whole family.

picaridin used when cycling, family


  • Non-irritant
  • Not sticky
  • Not greasy
  • Won’t damage fishing lines, plastics or other synthetic materials
  • Approved and Recommended
    PICARIDIN is EPA approved and recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

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